14 Great Way To Improve Your Fiverr Clone Now

Elements of the correct settings, design and construction of site.

1. Use simple interface, excluding items difficult to navigate, choose a design in pale colors, use combinations like light green and blue. Avoid using the red, black, and yellow excessively.

2. Resolving bugs especially on registration and login. Choosing an easy hosting service, which allows large server bandwidth – dedicated server, take greater attention of the site speed loading in order to have a faster loading site.

3. Develop unique facilities or/and use expansion of integration by developing standard scripts such as:

- Instant profit computer seller see PeopleStox.com

- Increase the number of words when users insert micro jobs or feedback

- Increase the space shuttle files between seller and buyer and I mean especially when the seller tries to deliver his work.

-  Have an easy and simple registration process without the need for anything other than the name, email and password.

4. Set a friendly interface and supervise the entire site activity – do this on the highest standards using  staff supervision.

- Auto-insertion of  micro jobs, without approval. You can later manually disable the possible fraud, etc. but it’s important not to lose a new user opportunity.

- Bigger spaces for registration and login (already resolved) followed by a friendly interface that meets virtually every time the user finishes something, or laughs or writes hilarious exclamations when they do something wrong or good.  

Should be a site where fun will prevail so that you need to develop the script in this direction.

Other good ways that complement and define the originality of your  site.

5. User manual of the entire system. I do not mean about simply ”how does it work” but about a video or a series of videos about what happens with every step of the transaction.

No need to be on site first in line, there are other things to put there but it is advisable to be inserted in your blog. Or  use autoresponder system and send this information to each newcomer.

MAP – Marketing,Advertising and Promotion.

6. Creating Facebook fan pages in different countries. Loyal users can be guided to create Facebook pages that have the same component name (vanity name) of the site keywords as  mother site for example - facebook.com/cando4u. This will increase your exposure world wide.

7. Creating Facebook and LinkedIn groups with common interests in promoting their own micro jobs - virtual spaces where users can exchange views, micro jobs and interact in order to develop their business.


How to teach users and in what direction they should grow.

8. Encouraging the  micro jobs exchange between the sellers.  It is a defining element given the current economy. The advantages are obvious - increasing the number of good feedback  and maximizing site profit.

9. Encourage sellers to publish more jobs. If one vendor has published many jobs micro several advantages will appear.

Firstly, that site with more gigs will be better indexed, and more micro jobs can be found on Googles first page. 

Then, in each of us exists undiscovered talents so that the seller is probably the first advantage in that it has a greater opportunity to gain working in several directions.

10. Encourage vendors to learn in social directions. Today people are mostly on social sites and tend to emphasize and generalize taking place like the old forms of social like forums. Teach your sellers to be social by offering high quality Facebook or any other major social site  tutorials and so transcend opportunities to make money with social networking sites – almost always he would return to the site and will turn his experience into a new micro job.

11. Always keep in touch with your website users. Ask about new ideas, ask them to think about how they think might provide better quality site. In fact consider them partners and friends and do so always to have good communication. Feel the pulse of the community.

12. Take a step back and view your site as if you were a customer. Write down some key elements that just don’t seem right or you think could be improve. Visit a few other Fiverr Clones and see what they have but you don’t. Once you have a list, work through it and improve your site bit by bit.


13. Improve your community. Community develops as the sum of joint efforts. Do not forget a moment like a better rank it therefore falls into a better user. So do not forget to take care about one simple seller exactly the same as you would do for the entire community.

Your world wide relationship with other owners.

14. You need to have a good relationship with the other owners. In a virtual world where boundaries no longer exist, there is still something that is priceless.

Business relationships

Business relationships

Your reputation. If your online reputation is great then boost the site in a great way. If your reputation is disappointing then there are great chances  all community efforts to be  ineffective.

So do not use bad recruitment messages using others owners spaces. Do not send people to do that or the same people one day will do the same for another”master’ ‘but against you. Severely punished such behavior of those users.

Of course, if you are really interested to have a better site, to provide truly value people will then you should begin to apply what I wrote, perhaps incomplete, above. And of course going on this road, you will surely find other ways of good developing.

Thank you.

- Phil


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