5 Things that will improve your website Traffic

Improve traffic to your Fiverr Clone

There are many different methods that you can use for generating attention to your site, while ensuring that the basics are covered at the same time. Celeste Bishop is an expert in website marketing and she is also the one running Bishop Market Resources. Therefore, she was consulted so that she could help you in learning what you need to do right now, so that you can optimize your website.

Increase Traffic to Your Fiverr Clone

  • Determine what phrases and keywords will be important to your website. According to Bishop, through brainstorming you can develop a list containing what you think your customers and prospects would put into the search engine with the aim of locating your services and products. The next step is running them through a tool like Google keyword tool, WordTracker, or Yahoo Overture Keyword selector Tool. The aim is for you to know the search activity’s volume in addition to finding alternative phrasing that you can include in your list.

The next step is taking every page that is crucial to you, and this should not be the Site Map or Contact Us page. Ensure the chosen phrases or keywords are used prominently. In the text, you need to use them early as well as towards the end of the page. It also needs to appear in a heading together with a H1 tag. If it appears in a subheading, it should have a H2 tag. However, her advice is that you must not overuse it. Word your pages naturally, do not word them for search engines by stuffing keywords in everywhere. It is better for you to have quality content compared to having keywords or phrases that have been packed in. Having phrases and keywords sprinkled throughout the paragraphs creates an opportunity for you to change content in the future that may no longer be relavant to your page subject.

Keyword Research

The phrases or keywords should also appear in metatags which are behind the page. Metatags are valuable although not as far as search engine rankings are concerned. Bishop advises that you should view metatag as an ad. It is used by search engines in showing additional text as the organic listing’s part. If the metatag that you have is not compelling, and keywords are not included in it, even if you’re ranking well, people will not click through.

  • Convert getting links into your website into a “career”. This means not limiting the links to you, your home page and having your keywords included in the anchor text. Bishop said that to get backlinks, write articles and have them placed on other websites. Again, ensure that at the end of each article, there is a bio or resource box in which your URL is included within the first line. In the next line, include another link as well as something that is likely to compel readers to visit your site.

  • Start a blog and start participating in other blogs. They go hand in hand.  When you “participate”, it does not mean leaving a comment for the sake of getting the chance to include a link to your site. According to Bishop, it means being a part of the community’s “ecosystem’. With time, you will be noticed by the owners of the blogs that you are commenting, and you will start getting references from them.

Other than giving you the opportunity of sharing your opinions and expertise with a literate world, blogging on consistent basis is of value because search engines will be able to index your website more often. Especially with small business sites, they can operate for a lengthy period of time with no indexing. For Google, it has a design of doing this. The reason is that they are aware of the existence of the site and is called Google Sandbox. However, the basic thing that they ensure first is that you are neither a bad actor nor pornographer. For you to get around that, you need to have ‘authority links’ that are ‘coming back to you.’

A good example is; if writing about tennis, and you take part in crucial blogs that are related to the tennis, and then you have the links coming back with regard to your website, they will be called authority links. With such a clue getting to Google, you will get out of the sandbox. Links can be viewed as new gold standards in terms of managing to acquire rankings on search engines.

5 Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Another great tool that I highly recommend using is Alexa.com. Alexa provides information about websites including Top Sites, Internet Traffic Stats and Metrics, Related Links, Online Reviews Contact Information and Search Analytics for SEM and SEO optimization. New sites may still be over the 2,000,000 mark in the Global Rankings but we could help you bring this to a more successful figure.

  • Include something interactive in your website in order to make people keep coming back. An example given by Bishop is that of a client, a real-estate finance organization that added a calculator that would help people in figuring out the way their taxes would be of benefit through being engaged in this high-end firm. The result was that people kept coming back to use it. This could be seen in action on most Fiverr clone scripts, where they have a ‘I will do for…’ gig-title box that engages visitors.

In addition to being a potential for viral implication and being fun, interactive devices can be of help to your site by it getting embedded in psyches. The reason is that people start speaking to them like they have had a relationship for some time. The importance with this is that it can shorten a sales cycle. It can also reduce the level of effort that you have to put into building credibility, both with clients and potential customers.

  • Your worry should not be the number of people who visit the site but the length of the period that they stay. The implication here is that your focus should be on the areas that can encourage people in terms of hanging out longer. Bishop recommends that you measure this through Google analytics, because it is the best free site-tracking tool that is ideally suited to this purpose.

I hope these have been of some help, and that you are able to utilise these 5 tips to your advantage with your Fiverr clone site.

If you feel you need further assistance regarding promoting your product or website, then make sure to get in touch.

- Phil

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