Basic SEO Tips For New Micro Job Site Owners

So, you’ve found the micro job site script best suited for your needs and financial capacities. Most probably you’ve already purchased that script and installed it on your server. I guess you’re pretty excited and ready to rock n’ roll. :)

Just before you have your new gig site fully launched, make sure you make every effort towards making it search engine friendly. This will give you at least two benefits: Google (Yahoo, Bing) love, resulting in free organic and targeted traffic; potential to outrank your competitors being in this business longer than you. As far as my observations go, not many micro job sites owners do any kind of onsite SEO at all.

Therefore, these basics SEO tips will help your site make friends with major search engines. I have to warn you though, that everything stated below is just my opinion based on my experience, and not some set of guidelines and rules. SEO is a very vast subject and knowing exactly how search engine algorithms work is almost impossible. I’m not so sure if even Larry Page knows 100% how Google ranks sites :)

OK, the very first thing I suggest you to do is come up with a good title for your site. And by good I don’t mean some fancy phrase. You should find some good keywords by which your site will be identified by Google, and include those keywords in your title. It’s good if you can find 4-5 of them.

Just head over to Google Keyword Tool, type in your seed keyword, let’s say micro job site, and look through all the suggested keywords Google gives you. Pick the ones with decent monthly searches and moderate or low competition.

There some other tools available on the market that could help you find your keywords, but IMO, Google KT is the best, and most of all, it’s free. There’s plenty of information freely available on how to properly use this tool, so do your due diligence if you want to learn more about this topic.

If you’re finding it hard to come up with your keywords, then I’d suggest to use most common ones like micro job site, gig site, fiverr alternative, fiverr like site, etc. Including these keywords in your title is far better than having it like “Find the best gigs in the world at”. The other cool thing you could do about it is buying one of those keyword finding gigs widely available on practically every micro job site.

A note about meta tags. After all the latest updates, Google has stated that from now on it doesn’t look at site’s tags. So you can totally ignore them. But if you’re looking for good rankings from other search engines, you’re more than welcome to include your keywords as meta tags. It won’t hurt any way.

So, the title gives Google the first impression about your site. Then its robots start crawling your site, looking through every bit of content (which you allowed to crawl). And depending on what those robots find, the big G makes the decision for which keywords to give your site rankings.

Hence I highly recommend to put as much content on your site as you possibly can. Take your time and write a good About Us page and be sure to include your keywords there. Just don’t overdo it, mentioning each keyword once is more than enough. Make a good and thorough FAQ page. Make sure your ToS and Privacy pages are also in place.

If you make all these pages easy to read for your users and all the content will be unique, you’ll get much search engine love. If you try to cut corners and just copy this stuff from other micro job sites, it definitely won’t do any good to your rankings.

Some of you might think “Why would I need this if I’m going to have plenty of content when users start placing their gigs?“. Well, let me assure you that gigs can’t be considered as content in any aspect. Unless you have an exclusive gig placed only on your site and nowhere else. All others are being placed all over numerous micro job sites, and therefore when placed on yours, they are considered as duplicate content by Google. And this won’t give any SEO points to your site.

And the last tip I want to give you here is also connected to content. If you want Goggle to really love your site and reward it with great rankings, then setting up a blog is a must. If you make only one post a week, and this post contains well written, unique and educational article, you don’t even have to SEO optimize this content. Unless you’ll be writing about how you like going fishing, your posts will definitely include LSI keywords around micro jobs subject. This will lead to Google loving your site even more. Not to mention your readers will start sharing and liking your writings which will bring more traffic to your site.

I know, for most of us the thought of writing an article seems like a nightmare. But don’t forget that you’re the micro job site owner now, and you have so much power at your disposal. If I had a new micro job site and hated writing, the first thing I would do is visit one of my rivals, find a writer with good reviews and invite him/her to join my site and place a gig, then I would offer that writer to produce content for my blog on a regular basis in exchange for featuring his/her gig.

Well, I hope these tips outlined here would be beneficial to new micro job site owners. And maybe to some admins, who’ve been in this business for some time. Share your thoughts about this post by commenting below.

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