Few thoughts about Twitter

I like Twitter. There was a time when twitter was king, better than facebook. And it was an interesting part of my activities on micro jobs sites as I use to make new followers for my friends.

My first twitter related gig was of course on fiverr, then I started to do the same on Dealerr. ”I will make you 1500 real followers on Twitter for $5”

You see, this micro job maybe don’t worth to sell but just imagine I was amazed how much I learned in real conditions, and this was decisive for my own development.

Let’s write some rules that I’ve applied and have worked.

  • Make your own original design. Do not use something simple, do not use something complicate, just use your own colors and feeling. Something that defines you. Do not buy a design, chances are that the seller had sold it on someone else.
  • Be descriptive and use your picture. If you want to create a brand for yourself then use your picture. Tell people about you. Tell more about you. And yes, don’t forget to …describe yourself. Yourself, not your business…
  • Use this magic words - I always follow back. Do not use if you don’t intend to do. Just use some automatic simple tools to make some simple automatic things like follow people who follow you.
  • Send a welcome direct message when people follow you. Do not send links, do not send sites do not send anything to buy… write this in your brain.
  • Tweet manually from twitter interface - will not always be possible but that makes the difference.
  • Retweet every time MORE then you tweet. Nobody does this, do it then come over here and tell me what happened, do it just like one week experiment. No pain, no hard feelings and don’t retweet bad things…
  • Tweet about your personal life, woman, pets, trends, news, funny and weird things 10 times more than your business or interest. This is a secret, and will be impossible to apply if you are business focused, lol

Is much more to say but if you follow my simple thoughts you’ll receive people attention and as you go along this road, nice and cool new ways will be opened in front of you.

Was in my mind to tell you about one simple and free tool.

Manage Flitter. High rank in Alexa and Google. Simple intuitive interface. A lot of free facilities, even you are not log in or don’t want to use Pro version.

Just use it and don’t overload unfollow tool for more than 50 people per day.

Of course you’ll find a lot of amazing tools out there and because I want you to become a better twitter pro here are The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available – 2011 Edition , thanks to Eric Goldstein.

Thank you.