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With most of the internet connections of today being fast enough such that you can experience all the glory of the web, it has resulted to the commonness of the sites that are multimedia-sensitive rising considerably. Today, websites do not need to be text-based and featuring a number of low resolutions, low quality images on it. People are now able to use the internet when they need to view images and videos, more so on social media websites those are popular. Video content and image and at times audio content as well, is important in terms of building your brand’s awareness.

Social Media and Image Marketing

Many times, people are much likely to recall images compared to articles. It has also been said that any image         may be worth one thousand words, and this is true. There are a number of Media sites that are meant for use in sharing images and these sites enjoy wide popularity. They include Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Photo Bucket, and more.            The sites a platform meant for sharing and hosting images in addition to commenting on them.  Social networking sites like Facebook also provide functionality even if they lack the level of specialization that is found in image sharing sites that are dedicated. Using image marketing sites such as Flickr allows you to access discussions, albums, and many more.

The other thing that is gaining increased popularity is usage of infographics. They are important because they lead to great addition with regard to a high number of articles. With information graphics, they are visual representations of any kind, ranging from subway maps to business strategies. They can be of use in showing statistics, strategies, plans and other in a manner that is interesting, user-friendly, and eye-catching.

Social Media and Video Marketing





The world is very much dominated by You Tube with regard streaming video. Again, it should be the first port that you settle for if dealing online business that has an interest in video marketing. Again, you need to ensure that you pay attention to other alternatives that are popular, for example Vimeo. If your intention is to engage your potential customers effectively, the best option is video marketing. Videos can also be of use in illustrating things that would not be explained effectively when text is used to explain it. The advantage with videos is that they can be humorous, informational, or can successfully showcase a product or service that is new. You may upload videos to Vimeo and you do not pay to use it. This means that you will save on bandwidth and hosting costs. From there you can embed the video be it on your website or blog, even if it will continue to play on You tube.

Internet marketing campaigns are positively impacted by Video Marketing in several ways. This includes adding an element that is human, targeting an audience that is more specific, increasing your visibility, as well as getting listed in search engines.

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  1. I can relate to the above comments and have been using social media as getting the word out about my site also by creating
    a facebook page
    a google plus page and
    a twitter account
    and am starting to see the benefits of these dedicated Pages.

    I also created high impact intro video to help with my efforts as a 30 second video does leave an impression.
    Stuart recently posted..Sample Blog Post

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