Micro Job Site Scripts Reviewed

In case you’re pretty determined to run your own micro job site, but still on the fence deciding where to begin, this post will help you make up your mind a bit.

In my opinion, the very first thing you should do here is to choose the script for your soon to be launched Fiverr’s rival. Of course, you can build it from scratch. This is a good way to start either if you have deep pockets to hire a good programmer or you possess some really good programming skills yourself. If you want too go this route, then I’d suggest you to head over to a good freelance site or open up your notepad and start writing some code. But if you need a turnkey solution, then you better keep reading, cause I have some good info for you.

Currently there are three major players on the Fiverr alternatives script market. Each has its cons and pros, and the purpose of this post is to tell you about them in some good details. So here we go.


ALTfiver WordPress Fiverr Script Theme


This script is gaining more and more popularity lately. I see two reasons to that: pretty good price and people’s big love for the WordPress platform.


√ Most site owners are aware of the great benefits of WordPress. Basically, ALTfiver is just a WordPress theme that you upload to your blog, activate it and your blog transforms into a micro job site. In return you get the renowned site management simplicity and Google loves blog based websites!

√ If you feel that this script will fit your needs, I’d recommend to double check it. You can go to Admin Panel Demo and check out the admin dashboard.

√ This script is developed by a very experienced team of programmers. If you visit their site, you’ll see that they offer a whole bunch of other solutions. This fact almost guarantees that your site will be running smoothly without any bugs (unless you screw up the code).

√ ALTfiver gets updated pretty often, offering new features, widgets and bug fixes.


√ As for the features, WordPress ALTfiver Theme has a good amount of them but hopefully there will be more of them added in the future, but today it offers near enough the same options for sellers compared to Fiverr Script. It’s a no brainer really $149 for ALTfiver, or $500+ for Fiverr Script.


Fiverr Clone / Fiverr Script by Scriptolution

http://www.fiverrscript.com      http://www.scriptolution.com 

The bulk majority of micro job sites today run on this script. It’s not surprising at all, since it’s a very good clone of Fiverr. And in some aspects it’s even better than Fiverr.


√ If you have some problems with your script or not sure how to do something with it, there’s a very active Scriptolution forum, where you can get a whole lot of professional advice and tips.

√ Prior to investing your money, you can always test this script by logging in to Admin PanelDemo and see how it works from the inside.


√ Although it takes only $99 to purchase Fiverr Script, your micro job site will be pretty empty for this price. Moreover, it’ll have the “powered by” notice at the bottom. If you want to be fully loaded with all available modules, this notice to be taken out, and to have lifetime access to script updates, then be prepared to shell out around $500. And this is just for a single license, meaning that if you want to launch another site, you’ll have to pay this price again.

√ If you’re not experienced with script installations and server setups, then it could be quite a challenge for you. It’s pretty easy to ruin the whole site if you don’t know what you’re doing. So you can either take your time to read over the manual, learn the needed stuff and hope that everything will work great. Or you can pay the Scriptolution guys $80 more and they’ll do it for you. Which adds up more expenses and that’s why I put it in cons.


PHP Valley


This micro job site script is losing its popularity lately. I’m not sure exactly why this happens, but I decided to include it in this review because of its price and the fact that it’s still selling.


√ I guess it’s hard to argue that obtaining your own Fiverr clone script for $39 is a pretty good deal. So if it’s unbearable for you to become a micro job site owner, but your budget is very tight, it might be a pretty good option to consider.

√ Just like with the other scripts mentioned above, you can see this script functioning from the Admin Panel Demo.

√ There’s a nice option for gig sellers to make their gigs featured for extra commissions. It’s beneficial for them as there’s no need to pay anything upfront, and you as the site owner earn more from their sales.


√ Besides the extra commissions feature, there’s nothing more this script has to offer.

√ You need to have some experience with script installations and server setup to successfully install PHP Valley on your site.

√ There’s no forum to support owners of this script.

I also had intentions to include the fourth script into this post. It’s called Agriya’s FP Platform (http://www.agriya.com/fiverr-clone). If you remember the old Zeerk & TenBux before its relaunch, it was running on this script. But after doing some research and browsing their site and forum, I presume this script doesn’t sell anymore. Feel free to check it out yourself. I’ll update this info as soon as I learn something new here.

Now, the micro job scripts described above are the ones that hold about 90% of Fiverr alternatives market today. There are some others, but their share is so meager that I’ve decided not to review them in details. But I’ll list them here for your information:

√ GURU PROFIVERR (http://www.guruscript.com/gurufiverr.php)
√ Hiverr (http://hiverr.com)
√ Nano Bazaar (http://www.nano-bazaar.com)
√ Scripteen Fiver Clone Script (http://scripteen.com/scripts/scripteen-fiverr-clone-script.html).

Feel free to check them out. Who knows, maybe one of them will be just right for you. If you have any to list, let us know.


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  1. thanks for the post. specially on the fiverscript. i dont know they are adding 500 for add. i might go for pricerr now :)

  2. Great info
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  3. Can someone please let me know where i can find the customization manual or any thing regarding the customization of the altfiver script.

    Thank you.

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