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We all know how all sellers on these microjob sites struggle to get any sales at all on their gigs. It doesn’t matter if you are on the top microjob site or one that has just started out you really do need to promote your gigs on these sites.

While online late one night I had got an email from a person named Carl he had a great idea on how sellers can promote their services/gigs on these microjob sites. The idea is simply and will work. gives you the chance to promote all your gigs in one place, link directly to your gig and don’t pay them a penny for your orders. You can promote as many gigs as you like. Take a look below on some questions I asked Carl about the website.


Q: So firstly when does your website launch?

A: It’s the 15th. It was supposed to be the 1st but I had to re-schedule due to testing the site

Q: So tell me what this website will be about?

A:  Well I have been following the gig related websites for a while, You know the ones like fiverr, fivesquids, gigpayrr, gigbucks, tenbux etc etc…And I love the concept of them! Which then give me the idea for MadGigz, but to try and differentiate the sites I thought it would be a good idea to actually charge the people who offer their services to list their jobs (whichever site their on) rather than take a commission from each sale…..which obviously allows the user to link directly to their job! Users can still register for free and follow the links to purchase the gigs. It basically allows the people offering their services to aggregate all their services they provide on the gig related sites on to one site!

Q: What will you do for the customers that sign up? So basically it’s a directory where users will sign up post their URL’s to your website?

A:  No, not just a directory! It is more or less like a gig related website, people who post thier jobs still upload images, bio’s, links to the job etc etc…They can even login to their admin area and see who’s doing what, keeping an eye on what their competitors offer! The system also uses a rating system that allows users to vote on their fav gigs (if they provide a good job) the rate for the sign up is just $5pm…The people that sign up now will get 2months FREE as part of the launch promotion and then it will default to the first month FREE

Q: So too understand this all, how will you market your website to someone? I understand you are marketing to sellers, however how would you get buyers to come to the website?

A:  We have a number of marketing plans including social networking using facebook,linkedin,twitter,pinterest and google+, we will also be investing in some PPC marketing on google and facebook!

Q: How much will it cost for someone to add their Gig’s to your site

A: It’s FREE for the first 2 months then $5 per month to add as many gigs as they like!

Q: Are you running this business by yourself?

Ethan, I’m a one man band! I work tirelessly on this and on my other business. I am online constantly, if I’m not sleeping I’m online!

Q: So till date have you had many sign ups or a strong response from this?

A:  I have been working on the site for the past few months, and of course I’ve shown it to friends and family and some friends who use fiverr etc and have had good feedback….It’s only the last couple of days i have started an effort towards marketing and your our first port of call!

Q: What kind of advertising have you done to date to get get this website up and going?

A:  Honestly Ethan, I’m only just starting! BUT I have things in place like a PR, a few articles for submission etc but nothing too BIG, I’m relying on my PPC activates to bring users to the site….BUT I do understand how important SEO is and it’s what I’m working on now! I have tested the site until my eyes popped out, and hopefully ironed all the little bugs out…BUT as I’m sure with any new site people will find something for me to work on.

Q: How many hours do you spend a day working on building this website?

A:  Well when I say I’m a one man band I meant it, I’ve done everything on the site from the graphics, to the functionality and the testing!…..When I first started the site I spent around 7-8 hours a day, the past couple of weeks have been around 5-6 hours a day

Q: Where did you get this idea from?

A:  A friend of mine posted a “like” on facebook for “fiverr” and i clicked it….since then I searched on google and found others (and fiverrway) and I thought it would be a good idea to create one but I wanted it to be different but still beneficial to the people posting their jobs…so I come up with the name first and then had a couple of days thinking how i could make it different.

Q: So from this last answer, you look to be very dedicated to making this idea a success

A:  I am very dedicated Ethan, that’s all I can say to that! I am

Q: Where do you see your business in 6 months time?

A:  hopefully with about 5…NOOO,, I’m hoping the site becomes popular amongst the users and the people who post their jobs, I’m not here to take over the world or anything like that nor I’m I NOT ambitious, I believe the site can provide a great service to both the users and the giggers and the support will be awesome which I can personally guarantee (as I will be the support). The only worry I have for the site is that the people who want post their gigs will look at in a way that “paying twice” for the order, the membership then the commission from the gig related site…BUT it shouldn’t be looked at like that, it’s $5 a month in which you can post as many as you like, and the more clicks you get the more money you will make…it’s a way of aggregating all your jobs! Another way of advertising your micro job business

Q:  What things are important to you about this website?

A:  The users Ethan, without any users there’s no website! I need to be able to maintain the website while still provide a good service and support.


As you see Carl has very strong thoughts for his website. This just won’t help sellers, it will help microjob owners build their website through sales. I highly suggest all sellers sign up and take the FREE membership offer, you have nothing to lose!!


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  1. Nice interview and it’s short and straight to the point and easy to understand. Great work, I will keep an eye on this website

  2. Hi Luke, Mark
    Thanks for the comments, I hope you will be joining us on launch day to promote your micro jobs, looking forward to it.


  3. I agree short and to the point! Great concept! finally something different than another fiverr site, ill have a bit of this!

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