The Oldest Fiverr Clone Site For Sale

It’s one of the rare opportunities that you see a top microjob site for sale. You might see a microjob site for sale that has just start or one with a million alexa rank, but it’s not everyday you see a microjob site for sale that has an alexa rank of 45,000 and page rank of 3 and that was the 1st ever clone of Fiverr.

So much history to this great site. Unfortunately the owners have too sell as they don’t have the required time to turn the website back into number 1, It’s not hard either to run one of these sites, I guess the owners just think it’s time to move on.

The owners of asked me for help to promote their listing, So over the next 2 weeks I will help them out.

Take a look at the listing 

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  1. Ethan, True, I agree, Hence I am bidding on this one and hopefully own it sooner :)

    • Good luck, I’m sure we all want to own a piece of history.

  2. for how much they sell the site? I’m intrested. Thanks

    • I hear they only want $25,000 for it. But just stay up to date with it on Flippa.

  3. Neat, maybe I’ll pick it up and bring it under the brand :)

    • Oh that would be really good to have under you brand.

  4. I work for many sites
    and everyone is happy with me, but I worked for tenbux
    I was very pleased with the administrator,
    if I change the site administrator to try it myself

  5. Wow, this would be really good to buy. This would fit nicely under us

    • It would fit nicely into anyone’s website. Remember all the big players like GigBucks and Fourerr brought out other website. is the only one that has gone along by it’s self.

  6. I will also inquiry into buying this website, I would love to own it

    • I think everyone would like to get their hands on this!!

  7. 25,000 Yen? To much, 25 Euro, with 100 PHP hours support included.

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