Top 20 Best Micro Job Sites – December 2010

Not long time ago was in my mind I will never have an opportunity to write another top at fiverrway. Well,  today, like never before, I’m confident in micro job site’s future.

It is easy to see their efforts to become better place for simple people who really want to achieve success in this amazing world of never ending struggle for making money online.

They spend hours, days, months searching for better improvements, they reborn from a terrific challenge with day by day aggressive competition with bigger and better known sites and finally they almost change everything in their structure to give value to the users.

That’s why, today,  just few days before entering the New Year we want to congratulate ALL fiverr clones who really it is not fiverr clones but independent micro job sites with own vision and original way to develop their own future.

You see when somebody  take a proper look on all this sites onto the same page will notice how different they are and I’m not talking about design and function ability but about vision team behind site, about how they decided to react to challenges and how they choose to serve a massive community.

It is not about sites, scripts, facilities, hardcode or special designs but about people and their wiling to continue a new way in the new era no matter how hard will be and no matter if their efforts will make a little profit for today. Their desire to create, work, communicate and to be a better place for simple people makes what they are today.

All sites present here on fiverrway top deserve to represent this new and wealthy micro entrepreneur’s category in the New Year 2011.




onjobbing.com18. EARNERR

earnerr.com17. TENYT

tenyt.com16. FFIVER

ffiver.com15. MYNTMARKET

myntmarket.com14. DEALERR

dealerr.com13. DOLLAR3

dollar3.com12. GIGHOUR

gighour.com11. GIGME5

gigme5.com10. GIGBUX

gigbux.com9. 7FREELANCE

This is to complete this post. I just receive a comment from Sean so Yahoo Directory accepted his site.

If someone else feel like this top is somehow incomplete, please comment or sent info .. of course truth information will be published right away.


yoofive.de7. GIGSWOOD

gigswood.com6. JUSTAFIVE

justafive.com5. TENBUX

tenbux.com4. UPHYPE

uphype.com3. GIGBUCKS

gigbucks.com2. ZEERK

zeerk.com1. FIVERR

Final words.

It is a fact of life that micro job sites require a permitting process. Fiverr starts and they follow and have developed special rules for that.

Those rules may not always be mature yet they are developing, they are growing, they are changing. What I trust is these rules will be objective and respect the needs of users.

Secondly it is clear to everybody involved in these processes that they have a great responsibility because they can influence the economic viability of this major project called world micro jobs.

I trust that all the micro job sites will look at the situation this way and will have a positive attitude regards fiverr as this site it is the leader.

It will require good and open discussion as well as a good explanation on the part of all the partners of this project.

I’m confident that we will be able to move forward in these discussions with all micro job sites on all future issues. I personally will be supportive in building a stronger international relationship.

Finally, in this world there is a tremendous diversity of talents and in skills and if you can get the best out of this and put it into your own home business  that’s really good and make me confident in your future at micro job sites.

Having said that, fiverrway wish you peace and warmth in the midst of the family at this end of the year and much more prosperity for 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

fiverrway wish

Thank you,

Christian the owner of World Micro Jobs


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  1. Dear Christian,

    Thanks again for your insights! This month has been exciting with lots of new features implemented, to improve the service to our users (5,10 or 20 euros, better login screen, etc.)

    We have introduce a language selector, to allow posting gigs in english. If you analyse your ranking, we are 15th in a list of mainly english sites, but we rank 1st in the spanish speaking world (with more of 400 Million people speaking spanish across the globe!).

    We are developing an interesting user base: Buyers mainly from Spain, where the value of 5 euros is almost nothing; and sellers from Latino-America, where 5 euros is half the daily wage. This is the future of our business, no matter where the talent is, you can buy or sell worldwide your skills.

    Kind regards and happy new year to all!

    • @Sean Who’s best fiverr??? you see keeping like this will be a good way to be the best in 2011, wish you good luck. Thank you Christian.

    • @Sean You say to bad your site are in 9th place at fiverrway top. I say this is very, very good news for you, remember your site make nice progress and I’m sure soon will be better … so finally this is good news for you. What I want is someone from all micro jobs sites to be on FIRST place .. there so big difference between fiverr and the rest of the world so I dream somebody to forget about all the places from all the tops and become the best micro job site, fiverr clone, gig marketplace, wp simple site or whatsoever but the BEST. Thank you. Christian.

    • Wow, this is nice, Sean, let me check it maybe your submission is not yet available..

    • Yes, I recovered your comment from spam, still Akismet work well…

    • @Trish Thanks Trish for your nice words you know I use to learn a lot from you so your words make me happy. Wish you all the best and Happy New Year!!! Christian

  2. However thank you for this blog.I will are available back again.

  3. @Christian,

    I have gotten into Fiverr like micro jobsite, now that PayPal hurdle is over.
    Wish me luck, I have been feeling like an odd ball for the past 3 months. Here you go, I take a plung into the world of Fiverr gigs.
    Let me know if you would like to make a post on our new site.
    This will be UN-likee any other fiverr clone site, because we will be offering only $5 gigs. Period!

    Sean Debbad
    Fiverr like micro jobsite recently posted..Fiverr Review – For 7- I will share with you the best of Fiverr Clones

    • Hi Sean. Yup I so your ”trick”. Well, I love to post on your site, let me ask when you are ”available” .. in 2010 or 2011???.hihihih What will be the best wish for 2011?? Happy Google Indexing?? or Happy Linking hihihih Or Happy Fiverrway Top with too many micro jobs sites like fiverr indexed on the FIRST place??? Thanks and expect you here on FIVERRWAY with a glass pf champagne in the middle of the years ===> maybe I will have another chance to have a Happy Interview with you..hihih

      BTW, if you insert a ROMANIAN flag up to your site I will send all my friends from Romania to enjoy your site. Period.

  4. Thanks for compiling the top 20 list again, it makes for interesting reading. One thing I’ve noticed is that Google haven’t updated the Toolbar pagerank in over 9 months, leading many to believe that there will no longer be an update – which is a shame as it was a great way to say my ! is bigger than yours!

    I hope in January we see some more sites running our FP Platform software :D

    Agriya recently posted..An Industry First- New Micro Jobs Search Portal

    • Yes indeed, that’s why I checked spam message from time to time. I remember in one day was too much to check so I said to myself ..if you know me comment again or was not important

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