Top 25 Best Micro Jobs Sites – January 2011

Yes, we increased the number of sites in the top,… and is normally given as fiverr is a place as an ideal.

We try to be as exact is possible in observing an evolution and nominate the best. But obviously nothing is 100% perfect, so we apologize if:

1. There are other sites that are well indexed, but doesn’t appear in this top.

2. Given a certain inertia of the algorithm for indexing, it is possible those sites very closed indexed to change places in next few hours.

3. Despite the basic indicators like Alexa rank, Google rank and Compete rank you’ll see a top based on Alexa rank – in our opinion google and alexa rank are interconnected so sooner or later one of them will influence the other.

We are waiting suggestions and information if someone  considered that deserves a higher position, we will check and publish as soon it is possible.

Ok, lets see what happened in 2011. You will see exciting changes in evolution of Alexa ranking and Compete ranking (US users), good surprises about google rank and of course some new entry sites.

25. FIVESQUIDS.CO.UK (new entry)


24. EIN5ER.COM (new entry)

ein5er micro jobs site



22. 7RICHER (new entry).

7richer micro jobs site21. OUTSOURCERR (new entry) micro jobs site20. EARNERR (new entry)

earnerr.com19. TENYT.

tenyt.com18. FIVERDEAL.DE (new entry)

fivedeal.de17. FFIVER.

ffiver.com16. MYNTMARKET.

myntmarket.com15. DEALERR.

dealerr.com14. GIGME5.

gigme5.com13. TASKARMY (new entry)

taskarmy.com12. DOLLAR3.


gigbux.com10. GIGHOUR.



yoofive.de7. GIGSWOOD.







Conclusions and final words.

First of all congratulations to all new entries and apologies to TASKARMY as this site doesn’t have this rating over night but finally found an appropriate place at fiverrway top.

Then congratulations to TENBUX, YOOFIVE and TASKARMY for google rating.

Top Best Micro Jobs Sites (google rating) – January 2011 appear like this :

3. TASKARMY. (google rank 2)

2. YOOFIVE. (google rank 3)

1. FIVERR& TENBUX (google rank 5)

For those who doesn’t understund very well, google page rank (GPR) and alexa traffic rank (ATR) are two different measures of a website’s success and influence.

Just think like GPR measures the total number of links to the site, while ATR measures the total site’s traffic. It is a long discussion but obviously it is a correlation and a very strong relationship between GPR and ATR.

So I expect soon other micro jobs sites with Alexa high rank to win a stronger relation with google.

And the final conclusion is about TENBUX. This site is oldest site like fiverr so seems they really deserve this google rank . Once again if you are enough persistent, if your work is continuous and give value to the people, well, your success is really a true story.

Thank you,

Christian is the owner of World Micro Jobs


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  2. I can’t believe that there is no JobsFor10 on this list? It is much better micro job site than many of these.

    • @ JOBSFOR10 Yes, I know, you have right. Like I said it is possible to miss some good friends. Keep good work. Next time. Thank you. Christian.

  3. once again, thanks for updating the global rank. It’s a great benchmark for us, and motivate us to continue improving our business day by day.

    In MyntMarket, we have recently open the possibilty to post your gigs in english. We hope that will help to improve our global rating, dominated by mainly english sites.

    We are also dealing with new competitors in spanish. Therefore, our focus right now is in providing the best content and the best customer experience.

    Thanks once again for the job.

  4. wow, I didnt know there are so many clone sites like Fiverr.

    thanks for sharing

  5. thanks for the List. i have open my own Fiver Site on :-)

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  7. Hello nice list, But we don’t see us listed on here. lol
    Couldyou kindly add us in as we feel we are taking the fiver market place to the next level. with bigger and better rewards.

    Thanks and nice meeting you.


  8. Great list! thanks for updating us on the micro jobs market, this review is really great I have a lot of order from Fiverr, as well as in Fourerr, while Gigbucks is great but somewhat limts your gigs to one(1) entry per day. I also have an account in DoUpTo but I believe they are so strict there with their requirement requiring Paypal at once upon registration.



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